• Driving safely in the dark: Top safety tips
    Driving in the dark can be difficult even for the most experienced drivers and is more dangerous than travelling in daylight conditions. Data collected by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) shows that 40% of collisions occur during the hours of darkness. Moreover, falling asleep accounts for 20% of serious motorway and … Read more
  • Theory test tips: how to pass first time
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  • Most common driving test mistakes
    Follow Insight’s top tips to avoid the most common driving test mistakes that learners make to ensure you pass first time. Every year the DVSA publish the top ten mistakes learner drivers make that cause them to fail their test. The top ten mistakes causing learners to fail their driving test, according to the DVSA … Read more
  • Practical driving test tips
    Follow Insight’s practical driving test tips to ensure you are prepared to pass your driving test the first time. Before your practical driving test day: Remember to check that you have the following documentation safely stored and easily accessible. You will need it on the day!: Provisional License Theory Test Pass Certificate You are permitted … Read more
  • Winter car maintenance: Prepare your car for the cold weather
    Winter car maintenance is extremely important as driving in cold weather can cause unpredictable problems. Be prepared with our useful tips. Here are a few useful things you should check to prepare your car before you go out on the road this winter. 1. Lights In wintertime, the sun sets earlier and it turns dark … Read more
  • Driving safely in the snow
    With Winter just around the corner, it is vital to familiarise yourself about the importance of driving safely in the snow. Snow can be beautiful but dangerous at the same time. Whether you are a new or experienced driver, you should take extra care when driving in the snow or ice. Be prepared and stay … Read more
  • Top tips for new drivers
    Recently passed your driving test? Here are some top tips for new drivers from Insight. You may feel excited to get on the road or you may feel nervous and anxious. Follow our four top tips below in preparation for your first solo trip, and remember, there is still a lot to learn even after … Read more