Fully magnetic and self adhesive L and P plates vs Insight Vehicle Sign System

Fully magnetic and self adhesive l and p plates

x Fully magnetic and self adhesive L and P plates can only be seen by the driver behind or in front.

x Magnetic L plates frequently become unattached, leaving the learner in control of a vehicle with other road users expecting them to react as an experienced driver would.

x Self-adhesive plates can peel off in strong winds or ripple in sunlight, frequently leaving damaged paint marks when removed.


Learn to drive with learner driver plates Big enough to be clearly visible up to 50 metres in front or behind your vehicle, Insight is easily removed when you park up and leave the car.

Made of durable moulded plastic, the system fits securely and easily over the glass of your passenger window (driver side).

The unique shape of Insight means that whatever model of car you are driving, the sign will appear at an easy-to-see 90 degree angle to your car door.


Why the Insight Vehicle Sign System works

  • The Insight Vehicle Sign System is big enough to be clearly visible up to 50 metres in front or behind your vehicle.
  • The system is window mounted to the top of the window and is clearly visible to vehicles that are behind or in front of the learner.
  • The position of the Insight Vehicle Sign System means that it does not impair the driver’s rear view.
  • The system protrudes no more than the vehicle manufacturers factory fitted wing mirror.
  • Made from Polypropylene (PP), it is long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. The Insight Vehicle Sign System gives the leaner or newly qualified driver extra confidence that they are visible and given due consideration by other road-users.

Insight Vehicle Sign System - Learner Driver Feedback

“Learning how to co-exist with other traffic at the same time as are learning to drive can be hard so when I heard about the Insight Vehicle Sign System I was keen to purchase one. The system is easy to use and gives me the extra confidence I need when I am on the road. I would recommend the product to other learner drivers who are looking for an alternative to the traditional L plates.” – Aynur Erdzhebova Mahmudova, Learner Driver

Insight Vehicle Sign System - Stephen Ison, Approved Driving Instructor Feedback

“I was intrigued and keen to try this new type of L plate for many reasons. I have never had any success with magnetic L plates. My impressions having tried these are that they are well packaged, containing both L and P stick ons, so ideal for learners to buy themselves. They fit on the back window securely, without obscuring the blind spot, they work well at speed. I felt the price was reasonable for such a good quality product. In conclusion, a very good product to keep in your car to use occasionally and perfect to recommend to learners if they are lucky enough to have private practice with a relative or friend.” – Stephen Ison, Approved Driving Instructor

“I bought an Insight for my son when he started to drive. We both think it’s great – easy to put on and remove as we switch driver and it’s great to know how clear it is that he is a learner driver and not as confident on the road. I was worried my son wouldn’t want to use it as it’s not ‘cool’ but he says it’s great and is very happy to use it.” – Helen Dighton, Parent of Learner Driver

P and L plates

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