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Theory test tips: how to pass first time

Theory test tips how to pass first time

Follow Insight’s handy and detailed theory test tips to ensure you are prepared to pass your test the first time.

In this blog we will give you some ideas about what a theory test is and what you need to do to ensure you pass the theory test on the first try.

What is a theory test?
The theory test is the first test you need to pass before you can move on to the practical test. It includes two parts:
• Multiple-choice questions
• Hazard perception
The pass mark for the multiple-choice section is 43 out of 50, and 44 out of 75 for the hazard perception test.

Multiple-choice questions
The multiple-choice questions are based on three books:
• The Highway Code
• Know your traffic signs
• Driving- the essential skills

These books can be bought from book shops and online websites. You need to make sure you study these and know the rules and skills you will be tested on. The test will begin with instructions and a few practise examples for you to familiarise yourself with it. During the test, you will have 57 minutes to complete 50 multiple-choice questions. You can go back and change your answers at any time, so it would be beneficial to check your answers before submitting them. Don’t forget to ‘flag’ any questions that you are unsure about. It will be easier for you to find it later.

• Hazard perception
This is a video test for you to spot hazards on the road. There are three kinds of hazard in these clips: potential, developing and actual. Once you realize the potential hazard has become a developing or actual hazard, you need to click the mouse as soon as you can. You can score up to five points for each hazard, and the sooner you click the mouse, the more points you get. You will watch 14 video clips. Before the real test start, you will have one practice clip. A 10-second countdown will be given for each clip.

Carefully read the books mentioned above and familiarise yourself with all the information. Remember practice makes perfect, so ensure you leave plenty of time to do this before you take your test. As the questions are randomly selected, there are about 1000 possible questions. Hence, this is why you need to make sure you can answer all of them without any problem. Practise answering under pressure by asking friends and family to quiz you. There are plenty of theory test practice resources and mock tests available online for free as well, so take full advantage by using them. You can also download the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app on your phone.

It will cost around £23 to book a theory test. Make sure you do not forget to bring your provisional licence on the day, or you will not ablet to take the test. If you are already taking driving lessons, you can stand out to order road users with Insight’s unique and revolutionary sign system available to buy via our shop. Our innovative product comes with both L and P stickers so it can be used whilst you are learning to drive and once you have passed your driving test too.

By following our useful theory test tips, you should hopefully now feel better prepared to pass your theory test the first time. Insight wishes you the best of luck!