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Insight Vehicle Sign System - Learner Driver Feedback

“Learning how to co-exist with other traffic at the same time as are learning to drive can be hard so when I heard about the Insight Vehicle Sign System I was keen to purchase one. The system is easy to use and gives me the extra confidence I need when I am on the road. I would recommend the product to other learner drivers who are looking for an alternative to the traditional L plates.” – Aynur Erdzhebova Mahmudova, Learner Driver

“I was intrigued and keen to try this new type of L plate for many reasons. I have never had any success with magnetic L plates. My impressions having tried these are that they are well packaged, containing both L and P stick ons, so ideal for learners to buy themselves. They fit on the back window securely, without obscuring the blind spot, they work well at speed. I felt the price was reasonable for such a good quality product. In conclusion, a very good product to keep in your car to use occasionally and perfect to recommend to learners if they are lucky enough to have private practice with a relative or friend.” – Stephen Ison, Approved Driving Instructor

Insight Vehicle Sign System - Stephen Ison, Approved Driving Instructor Feedback

“I bought an Insight for my son when he started to drive. We both think it’s great – easy to put on and remove as we switch driver and it’s great to know how clear it is that he is a learner driver and not as confident on the road. I was worried my son wouldn’t want to use it as it’s not ‘cool’ but he says it’s great and is very happy to use it.” – Helen Dighton, Parent of Learner Driver

“We are very pleased with the Insight System which is so much better than the alternatives – both in terms of visibility to traffic and ease of use. Competitor plates that are stick-on leave a residue on the car and magnetic plates, even the ones marketed as “strong”, simply fall off at anything over 20mph! Additionally, stick-on plates cannot be easily removed or covered up, as required by the highway code, when the learner driver is not driving. In contrast, the Insight System is quick and easy to mount on the windows whenever the learner is driving, and remove when they are not. The plates have proven to stay on in wind and rain and don’t get as dirty and obscured as plates lower down on the car. We decided to fit plates either side of the car for maximum visibility although that isn’t strictly legally necessary and even one double-sided plate is more visible than competitor plates. I have recommended the plates to friends of my daughter (the learner driver) as we are very pleased with the Insight System.” – Caroline Dyer, Parent of Learner Driver

“We love the sign. Have it on the drivers door and it’s so visible particularly useful on a white car where L plates don’t show up as much. People really notice it and often comment on what a good idea it is. Someone asked if I was a driving instructor.” – Josephine Prior

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