Insight Vehicle Sign System

Be more visible whilst learning to drive with L and P plates

Learning to drive is an exciting time for every learner but a daunting one for every parent. They want you to be safe and they want other drivers to be considerate. In order to do that, drivers need to be aware of you. This is where learning to drive with L and P plates comes into play. The Insight Vehicle Sign System tells other road users in a simple and clear way that there is a learner at the wheel. Any learner driver under instruction would like the reassurance that other road users are aware of this and are therefore prepared to give extra time, room and consideration to the learner.

Learning to drive with l and p plates

Does a traditional L plate offer enough visibility? Can you see the learner driver three cars ahead? You can with Insight

Traditional L plate vs Insight Vehicle Sign System

How the Insight Vehicle Sign System works

Insight - How it works - Step 1

Step 1

Open your passenger window (driver side) and
hook the Insight system into it.

Insight - How it works - Step 2

Step 2

Peel off the backing of the L or P sticker.

 Insight - How it works - Step 3Step 3

Fix the L or P sticker onto both sides of
the Insight system.

 Insight - How it works - Step 4Step 4

Wind your side door window up to lock
the Insight system into place.

 Insight - How it works - Step 5Step 5

Insight is easily removed when you park up and
leave your car or switch drivers.

P Plate sticker

Recently passed your test and want other road users to be aware?

The Insight Vehicle Sign System can also be used to display your P plate.

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