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Winter car maintenance: Prepare your car for the cold weather

Winter car maintenance

Winter car maintenance is extremely important as driving in cold weather can cause unpredictable problems. Be prepared with our useful tips.

Here are a few useful things you should check to prepare your car before you go out on the road this winter.

1. Lights

In wintertime, the sun sets earlier and it turns dark outside quickly, so it is crucial to ensure your car’s lights are in good condition and functioning efficiently. Repair or replace them before winter if one of your lights is not working, foggy or turning yellow.

2. Deforester and Heater

Due to the high temperature gap between the inside and outside of your car, the windows will often be fogging or icy in winter. As a result, it is important to check that the defroster and heater are working properly to provide you with clear version.

3. Screen wash

It’s easy to get dirt on the car with the help of snow and ice. Refill the screen wash bottle in your car and keep your wipers in good condition to maintain your visibility.

4. Brakes

Rattling, squealing, shaking brake pedals and a noticeable increase in stopping distance all indicate that your car’s braking system needs to be inspected and repaired. As the stopping distance will increase in winter, it is important to make sure your car’s braking system is working properly.

5. Cooling system

Antifreeze will prevent water in your car engine from freezing in winter. Your thermometer will fall below zero if the amount of antifreeze in your car is not correct, so make sure you top up enough antifreeze. Don’t forget to test or have a look at your handbook to see what kind of antifreeze your car requires. Besides, check the rest of the cooling system to ensure that there are no leaks or visible damage to the radiator, coolant hose, and water pump.

6. Tyres

If you drive on rural or uneven roads, you could consider buying snow chains/socks or winter tyres. This will help to enhance steering and braking. It is worth noting that the legal limit of the tread depth of tyres is 1.6mm, so be sure to check this before setting off on your journey. Also, tyre pressure may change under the influence of decreasing air temperature and seasons altering; hence it is important to check your tyres.

7. Car services

Get a professional winter check if you don’t have time to do all the above. If your car is due a service, it is the perfect time to go.

Learner drivers

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We hope our useful winter car maintenance tips will help you get your car road ready.





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