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Most common driving test mistakes

Common driving test mistakes

Follow Insight’s top tips to avoid the most common driving test mistakes that learners make to ensure you pass first time.

Every year the DVSA publish the top ten mistakes learner drivers make that cause them to fail their test.

The top ten mistakes causing learners to fail their driving test, according to the DVSA are:

1.            Not making effective observations at junctions

2.            Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction

3.            Not having proper control of the steering

4.            Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions

5.            Not moving off safely

6.            Not responding appropriately to traffic lights

7.            Poor positioning on the road during normal driving

8.            Not responding correctly to traffic signs

9.            Not having control of the vehicle when moving off

10.         Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking

You will fail your driving test by making any one of these faults. Thus, it is better for you to remember them so you can avoid making them. In the following, we have outlined a few examples of what you should do during your driving test.

Make effective observations at junctions

BBefore you turn right or left at a junction, make sure you conduct effective observations. Look either left or right before you enter the next road. Remember to judge the speed of the approaching vehicle to prevent a situation that would force the other vehicle to slow down significantly or your examiner using the dual controls to brake your car.

Using mirrors correctly

Make sure you check the mirrors before signalling, changing direction or lane and slow down or speed up. There may be bike riders, motorcyclists, or another vehicle in your blind spots, so always check carefully before you move.

Steering control

In 2019, more than 1 in 10 reported accidents in Great Britain were caused by the driver making a poor turn or manoeuvre. It is important for you to avoid repeatedly not steering enough or steering late.

Pay attention to traffic lights and traffic signs

Remember to pay full attention to traffic lights and check if junctions are clear enough before you proceed. Do not stop beyond the first white line in the area for cyclists and driving in a bus lane. You will also need to react quickly according to speed limit signs. Do not ignore a ‘stop’ and ‘no entry sign’.

Pedestrian crossing

As the highway code describes: ‘we must give way to anyone still crossing after the signal for vehicles has changed to green’, hence you need to make sure to give enough time for a pedestrian to cross the road instead of trying to squeeze past them in the middle of the road. 

Keep a safe distance

You need to ensure you leave at least 2 seconds behind other vehicles as it will give you enough time to brake and steer smoothly when you change lanes. Remember to check for space behind and reduce speed before you do this.

Learner drivers

Remember practices makes perfect, so ensure you make plenty of time to go through these common mistakes with your driving instructor before your test.

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After reading the above tips, Insight hopes you the very best luck of passing your driving test the first time.


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