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Top tips for new drivers

Top tips for new drivers

Recently passed your driving test? Here are some top tips for new drivers from Insight.

You may feel excited to get on the road or you may feel nervous and anxious. Follow our four top tips below in preparation for your first solo trip, and remember, there is still a lot to learn even after you have passed your driving test.

1. Get to know your car

If you are lucky enough to already own a car, it is vital for you to become familiar with it before getting on the road. Look at the buttons and switches, they may be different from your instructor’s car. Learn and familiarise yourself with all its functions and how they work. Remember to check and adjust your mirrors correctly to avoid the blind spot. These small things might save your life if you know how to activate or deactivate them. Be aware of the warning signals – If your car starts to make noises and warning lights appear make sure to take it to be checked and fixed as soon as possible.

2. Driving in harsh weather conditions

Rainy, snowy, foggy, and windy weather, they may sound scary. However, you should spend time practicing as much as possible to get more comfortable in all weather conditions. Drive slowly and carefully. In winter, make sure you clear any ice and snow on your car before you take it on the road. These types of weather conditions can reduce your visibility and cause unexpected situations, so the sooner you know how to cope with them the better. If you think the weather conditions are not safe enough for you to drive, pull over in a safe place and wait for the weather to improve or reschedule your journey to another time.

3. Put your phone down

Do not use your phone while you are driving. It is extremely dangerous and illegal to hold a phone or sat nav while you drive, even if you are stopped at traffic lights or queueing. Your concentration should be 100% on the road. If you need to check your phone it is best to pull over in a safe place when you can and only get back on the road when you are able to fully concentrate on your driving.

4. Apply ‘P’ plates

If you are nervous, you may consider using ‘P’ plates on your car. ‘P’ plates let other road users know that you have just passed your driving test. Other drivers will know you are not that experienced and understand if you need to take more time and space to park or move. You can leave ‘P’ plates on your car for as long as you wish. Thinking about where to get some? Our Insight sign system is sold with both L and P plates and available to purchase online from our shop here.

By following our useful top tips for new drivers, you should hopefully now feel more comfortable to get on the road. Do not panic, remember you are not alone. Set a goal and plan your first journey!


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